Examinations Offered

Dr. Tammy Barron examining Petra Lance

Dr. Tammy Barron examining Petra Lance

We offer a multitude of different types of examinations and procedures that require examinations. While each situation is different and each pet is unique, our doctors generally perform the following with any examination: oral exam, ophthalmic exam, aural exam, lymph node palpation, Ht/Lung auscultation, patellar palpation, and a visual check of skin and body for any abnormalities/growths. Further diagnostics and testing may be ordered based on the above results. Please see the list below for details for each type of examination.


  • Wellness Examination-Recommended on an annual basis. Even if your pet is not due for any vaccinations, it is important to have this annual check-up to make sure your pet’s health status has not changed. We generally choose this type of exam with vaccinations or annual procedures such as heartworm tests and fecal tests.


  • Adoption Examination-This is a free exam offered to a patient who has been rescued from a shelter or rescue organization within the past 90 days. This is a way to give back to those who find homes for those pets that are already in need of a permanent family. Please note: paperwork must be shown from the agency in which the pet was adopted.


  • Office Visit Examination-This type of exam is chosen when your pet needs to be seen for a problem.


  • Recheck Examination-Generally, we consider an examination a recheck if your pet has been seen within the last month for the same problem and/or treatment.


  • Health Certificates-We offer health certificates for sale, health certificates for interstate travel, and health certificates for international travel (depending on country). Regardless of type of health certificate desired, by law, an examination must be done on the day the health certificate is written and signed.