Laboratory Services

There are several diagnostic procedures we provide for your pet. Our doctors will select bloodwork panels and other diagnostics for your pet depending on many factors including (but not limited to), any health problems occurring at the time, the age of your pet, and the hormonal structure of your pet.


In-Clinic Laboratory Capabilities-


12 Chemistry Panel

Electrolyte Panel

Fecal Analysis

Canine Parvovirus test

Canine Heartworm test

Feline FeLV/FIV test (Feline Leukemia & Aids test)

Ear Cytology

Tape Impression (skin cytology)

Skin Scraping

Ear mite Check

Needle Aspirates with Doctor review


Send-Out Laboratory Capabilities-

For most cases, we use Idexx Laboratories through Tampa, FL for our bloodwork panels we send out of clinic. There are specialized tests and panels that require other Laboratories across the country, however. Because we work with such a large National Animal Laboratory, we have the ability to run a multitude of blood work panels for your pet.


serum picture-resize