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We have a stocked in-clinic pharmacy accustomed for your pet’s needs. If your pet needs a particular medication that we do not have, we will call it into a pharmacy for you or write you a prescription for it. In addition, we try to stay informed on competitive pricing for human-based medications that we use. So if budget is a concern, we will do our best to find a pharmacy nearby that can fill the prescription at a lower cost to you. There are some pharmacies in the county that offer select free antibiotics, as well. If your pet needs a prescription for antibiotics and we can prescribe one of these free choices for treatment of the problem, we will certainly do that for you.

Other than carrying regular medications for treatment, we also carry several different versions of heartworm prevention and flea and tick control. Based on you and your pet’s lifestyle, we will do our best to provide a recommendation for you as to which product will work best for your pet.

If you cannot come in to pick up medication, you can always visit our online pharmacy. As it is directly linked to our clinic, you can still receive any product guarantees from the manufacturer that would be offered if the product was purchased at our clinic. To visit our online store, please click on the ‘Home Delivery’ tab above on the menu section of our website, or click here.