Surgical Procedures

While it is common knowledge that there is always risk with anesthesia, at Plantation Animal Clinic we try to eliminate as much risk as possible. Due to this fact, we require a small panel of bloodwork prior to any surgical procedure. This panel will allow us to take a glance inside your pet, so to speak, to see whether all major organs appear to be functioning appropriately; this information is based on organ blood values.


To further reduce risk, we have implemented certain rules for the surgical monitoring of your pet. Your pet will be intubated with an endotracheal tube prior to starting the procedure so that in the event of a cardiac or respiratory event, a breathing bag may be used. While your pet is under anesthesia, depending on the procedure being performed, your pet will have one technician physically monitoring his/her vital signs at all times. For extensive procedures, your pet will have up to three technicians monitoring and caring for him/her during the surgical procedure.


Our surgical monitoring equipment is top of the line and current with today’s technology. Our monitoring equipment includes blood pressure monitoring, temperature monitoring, esophageal EKG monitoring with heart rate, SPO2 monitoring, and CO2 monitoring. Each patient is placed on IV fluids during their surgical procedure, and surgery itself takes place on a heated table. Recovery takes place within a heated kennel (unless not possible due to size), where the patient is extubated and temperature is monitored. Once temperature is normal and the patient is moving around with ease, the IV catheter is removed and the patient is then transferred to their primary kennel for complete recovery.



Routine Surgical Procedures We Perform


  • Ovariohysterectomies (Spay)-Canine and Feline
  • Castrations-Canine and Feline
  • Dental Cleanings +/- tooth extractions
  • Feline Declaws with Radiosurgery Equipment
  • Growth Removals
  • Cystotomies


Please be advised that each situation is different. This is a list of routine surgical procedures offered. Surgical procedures performed are not limited to this list. In addition, in any particular case, whether it be surgical or extensive treatment of a patient, our doctors will recommend referral to a more specialized facility if she feels the patient would receive more appropriate care elsewhere. There are many specialty hospitals that we refer to in Florida. For further information, please contact us at 352-794-0001.