Vaccination Protocols & Vaccine Information


At Plantation Animal Clinic, our owner Dr. Tammy Barron, has done extensive research on the safest vaccination protocols in the veterinary community. In addition, she has thoroughly researched both canine and feline vaccines available, along with their respective manufacturers, so that we can offer the most reputable and least-reactive vaccines possible. Our vaccination protocols are set-up with the best interest of your pet’s health in mind. Our protocols are current and recognized as appropriate by the University of Florida, the FVMA, and the AVMA. As professionals, we understand that over vaccination of dogs and cats is a growing issue. We do everything we can at PAC to eliminate risks incurred with the administration of vaccines. In addition, we understand that each particular pet’s environment and level of exposure to a particular virus/disease is different; because of this, we tailor our vaccination recommendation for your individual pet.


Our Vaccine Protocol

For full immunity against the viruses that we vaccinate for, your puppy/kitten should begin vaccinations at 8 weeks of age in most circumstances, with booster vaccinations every 3-4 weeks until 16 weeks of age. After these vaccinations have been completed, the dog or cat will then have vaccines boostered in one year. From that point forward, depending on which vaccinations your pet regularly receives, vaccinations would be boostered on either an annual basis or a 3 year basis.


Canine Vaccines:

Our core vaccines are Rabies, and Distemper Parvo. In addition we carry and recommend, depending on individual situations and exposure, Bordetella, Leptospirosis, Lyme, and Influenza.

  • Merial Rabies Vaccine (Imrab 3)-given as early as 16 weeks of age, 3 yr capability
  • Nobivac Distemper Parvo Vaccine (3-DAPv )-3 yr capability
  • Merial Leptospirosis Vaccine (Recombitek 4 Lepto )-given annually
  • Merial Lyme Vaccine (Recombitek Lyme)-given annually
  • Nobivac Intranasal Bordetella Vaccine (Intra-Trac KC)-given annually
  • Nobivac Bivalent Influenza Vaccine (H2N2 and H3N8)-given annually


Feline Vaccines:

Our core vaccines are Rabies and Feline Distemper (FRCP). In addition, we recommend a Leukemia vaccination if your cat spends any time outdoors, or has the potential to escape your home to venture outdoors.

  • Merial Feline Rabies (Purevax)-given as early as 16 weeks of age, annual vaccine
  • Nobivac Feline Distemper Vaccine (Feline 3-HCP)-3 yr capability
  • Merial Leukemia Vaccine (Purevax)-given annually